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About Us

We started in 2015 with a dream to make apps for the world available that will be useful and

entertaining apps for people of different ages,parts of the world,cultures

Our Other Sites

xSquare Apps has also been releasing blog posts on technology and various tutorials on a different site since early 2017 you can find the link to the website here



Square Apps


Our Apps

Square Hit

Square Hit is a simple game that  is found in the iOS App Store, and will be released in the Google Play Store soon.


We will be creating more apps on the future we are aiming to make Square Hit available for the Google Play Store.

We are also working on new developments for both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. One of such developments is Square Wish which is a wish list app that is on it's way to the App Store in the near future

Jaundice can be an early symptom of pancreatic cancer. As it is with other cancers it is important to find it in its early stages. That is where we come, xSquare Apps is actively developing an app to detect Jaundice called Jaundeyes, as detecting it early can even save a life. We are even making it free because we believe that something that serious isn't anything to make money out of. 

Now Open!


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